SowX LVLs & Hedge Veg


Sow a Row Xtra (SowX) is a campaign to encourage people to grow a few extra seedlings, and then donate these to people who are keen to grow veg but unable to start from seed for one reason or another. SowX consists of:

1) A confidential list of volunteer growers, curated by Feed Leeds. Click here to volunteer. Download the SowX flier.

2) A list of SowX Hubs, published on our map,where volunteer growers can take their seedlings, and collect materials to support their seed-growing, such as seeds, compost, trays, pots, plugs etc. if needed and available (funding will be secured to support this if possible). Hub contact details are published so growers can contact their nearest hub to a bring or collect materials. Please contact your local hub directly - using the details on the map - to keep the system quick and efficient. Click here to be a hub.

3) A confidential list of recipients, collated by Feed Leeds with help from partners such as LASSN. Typically, seedlings will be collected from hubs by partners and distributed locally, but anyone in need may contact a hub directly, and make a case for free seedlings. (Hubs which routinely sell spare seedlings will also be listed, to provide a cheap alternative). Click here if you know of people needing seedlings.

Seeds of Kindness (SoK Box) is a supporting project in which repurposed cardboard boxes are filled by participating SoxX Hubs (not all are able to take part) with donated pots, compost, seeds, tools, and a friendly letter from a family, group or individual. SoK Boxes will be shared as available - typically to those with the greatest need. If funding can be secured, more SoK Boxes can be made and shared. Click here to help

Little Veg Libraries (LVLs) are, usually, custom built stalls, permanently mounted at prominent sites in neighbourhoods around Leeds, where surplus veg grown by local people can be shared, and other materials such as seeds, seedlings, compost, recipe cards and even tools can be offered for collection when available. LVL stalls made to the Feed Leeds design will be distributed as and when funding and volunteer time are available, and design drawings will be available on request. People are also encouraged to create their own stalls, to their own design if preferred, and then list these on the LVL map. Click here for more information.

Leeds Hedge Veg (LHV). Also shown on the map are the locations of all the other places where veg is available for free or very cheaply. Click here to register a hedge veg site.