Growing indoors


Indoor growing ranges from the very small scale - a few pots on a window sill (herb and pea shoots etc if its shady, or tomatoes, chillis etc on a sunny sill),  to traditional greenhouses and polytunnels which increase productivity significantly, up to systems like hydroponics and biosperics.. 



Greenhouses and polytunnels


Build a plastic bottle greenhouse


Greenhouse from old windows




Growing in a greenhouse


Beginners tips for greenhouse growing


See Shopping and Sharing for more on this topic



Advanced indoor systems


There are also a number of new technical systems which may suit the more adventurous grower, including hydroponics and aquaponics (which can also be carried out outdoors).


• Hydroponics


This is essentially growing in water, not soil or compost. Feed Leeds occasionally has access to equipment which is available free to gardeners




• Aquaponics


Aquaponics goes one stage further than hydroponics. The water tank contains fish which fertilise the plants, and can themselves be harvested. 




• Aeroponics




Aeroponics goes one stage further than aquaponics - growing plants in a misted environment without any growing medium


• Biospherics


Biospherics is, ideally, a complete, closed growing system. 


Biospherics Foundation, Salford



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