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Projects and Partners

Feed Leeds is a network, so does not typically create or manage growing projects itself, though the committee aim to help when asked. Growing and other projects are run by our partners (left) who we ask to display our logo alongside their own. We work with other groups in five ways. Projects can move between these 5 states according to what they hope to achieve.  (Download the Feed Leeds Constitution for a full explanation)


Connections / Partners

 Connections ARE Feed Leeds. They contribute to the Advisory Group and Committee, and generally help each other to deliver Feed Leeds' aims and objectives. Please email if you would like to become one. All members of the Feed Leeds committee are also members or one or more Connections. NB Only the pink ones, ok?



Internal Projects

Feed Leeds Internal Projects are wholly managed by the Feed Leeds committee and are mainly concerned with sharing advice and maintaining and building the network





Co-Managed Projects

'Co-Managed' Projects are managed jointly by Feed Leeds and one or more Connections, using a bespoke agreement to allow Connections to apply for funds and/or obtain other benefits by using the Feed Leeds constitution, bank account, 

goodwill etc.





Associated Projects

'Associated' Projects are fully independent of Feed Leeds, but we deliver advice, support and  resources (including funding if it can be delivered without the adoption of a co-management agreement). A number of Connections are currently considering adopting Associated status, and Leeds Food Partnership, in becoming independent of Feeds Leeds, now assumes this status




Aligned Projects

'Aligned' Projects generally share Feed Leeds' aims and objectives, but we have no direct relationship with them.







Many of the projects listed on the Groups page (specifically the while list below the pink Connections, left) can be classed as Aligned Projects.