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Embedding the Urbal Map

Embedded, read-only versions of the Leeds map, tuned to your project 


Below is an example of a 'read-only' version of the main Leeds Urbal Map, which members can generate for themselves,

and then 'embed' on their own websites, to show just the layers they wish to show, with no log-in etc to worry about. You can choose between Road or Birdseye background and show any of the public layers, including your own private layers (or even JUST your private layers - as a very basic bespoke map). You can also set it to open automatically on an entry such as your home location (see below for how). Embedded versions still feature the Leeds area and data. If you want to make a completely separate, unique map of a different town or city, please click here

How do I embed the map into my own website?


When you log in to the map, you'll see this link below the login; 'Get the embed code for a read-only version of the map.' This opens a box where you can choose which layers you want to display (including your private layers if you like). Next is a box with the message 'To make your map automatically open on a specific entry, enter its ID in the box below. Otherwise, leave it blank.' If there is one specific note on the map, such as the one that identifies your project, that you would like your read-only map to display on entry, then type its ID number (which you can find in the Table by clicking 'More' in the note ) into the box, and click OK. This opens another box with the map embed code in it. Copy this code, and then paste it into your own website the way you would embed a YouTube video, for example.

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