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To locate entries by word, click Show Search > Type a word into the box > Search > Scroll to the entry you want > Find on Map

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The Urbal Map

If you arrived here without coming via the Learner pages, please click here to work through the stages


To add to the map as a Guest:


1) Log in as Email 'guest' and Password 'me’.  The (white) Test Pins layer disappears, and the (orange) Practice Pins layer appears


2) Select Practice Pins and right-click as before. Type a note, then choose Save or Save and Hide - just for practice


3) Choose a 'proper' guest layer, and add your real pins as accurately as possible - including notes fully to describe your entries please - and you're done 


Or use your mobile to upload pictures - (from the place where you took them NOT your computer) to the GPS Photo Uploads layer


Or fill in this form and we'll add your pin for you - thanks


Please link to your project, if you have one, in your note on the map. If you would also like a link on the Green Groups page, please email


Personal login is not required for Test or Guest entries. Your details are not recorded or used in any way. Practice Pins can only be seen by you, and Hidden Pins only by researchers. Hide any pins that you want to remain confidential. Test and Practice pins are routinely cleared, so don't use them for information. You can't edit or delete Guest entries, but don't worry about needing to be too accurate. We'll double-check locations etc. and can edit or delete for you if you email us the ID number. Guest Pins will be verified and moved to the Member Layers (still hidden if necessary) in due course, so if your pin disappears, look on the equivalent member layer. If you've got some info for a Member Layer, please add it on the Questions and Suggestions layer, saying which member layer you think it belongs on. If you have lots to add, please check the FAQs, then Request Membership.



To add to the map as a Member:


1) Click 'Request Membership' using the button next to the log in box


2) Await log in details from us, then proceed as above. You will find some new features to explore before you start adding to the Member Layers 


As a Member you will be able add and edit pins, discs and shapes on all the Member Layers, (though not create layers), access the Message Board, and embed a unique version of the Leeds map - featuring only the layers you wish to show, and also your 'home' location if you choose - into your own website. If you want to map a different town or city, click here. This map is a 'continuous work in progress' which explores possibilities as much as providing information. Some layers are still empty or incomplete, and all data is in a constant state of flux. Always check with the relevant authorities and/or primary sources before taking further action. See other useful Maps for Reference or Comparison here

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