If your Location is not shown, check that 'Location' is enabled in your mobile device settings, and 'Enable Location' is checked in your mobile browser settings

The Urbal Map no longer works. Sorry

Uploading Photos from Mobile Phones using GPS 


iPhones are not currently supported, sorry (their fault, not ours)!


You can upload photos directly to the GPS Photo Uploads layer, and they will automatically be positioned on the map roughly where you where when you uploaded. We will then copy the information to the appropriate layer, so please always upload on location, where you took the photo, NOT at home - or we won't know where to put your pin.

(If you do prefer to upload photos at home, school or work please enter a pin in the normal way and upload to that. You cannot add pins to the GPS Photo Uploads layer by clicking on the map, so please choose a different layer You can, however, add more photos to ones uploaded from mobiles).


  • First take your photo.
  • Then make sure you have GPS positioning enabled in your device settings, and Enable Location on in your mobile browser settings, and that you are connected to the internet.
  • Next, go to www.urbal.tv on your mobile device, and click the 'GPS Photo Uploads' link in the top left of the home page (which you can only see on mobiles).
  • On the upload page, type a description of your photo (saying what kind of tree you think it is, or whatever) and also EXACTLY where it is, because the GPS is not very accurate and we'll need to locate the tree or area precicely from your note using the Birds eye view.
  • Then find the photo on your device, and click upload.
  • A pin will appear on the GPS Photo Upload Layer, with your photo and note inside, Click 'more' in the note to find it in the note table.
  • If you need to delete a photo, please send an email with the ID of the pin, and we will delete for you. Tested on Android, should be ok on Blackberry and Windows Mobile