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Maps for Other Cities

DIY Maps for areas other than Leeds


The Urbal Map is currently restricted to the Leeds / West Yorkshire area. (If you would like to have a customised 'read-only' version of the Leeds map to embed into your own website, still featuring the Leeds area but showing only the layers of your choice, click here). If, however, you'd like to create your own completely separate, unique map for a different town or city, anywhere in the UK or the world, using our system this is the page you need. First, please have a play with the pre-configuered 'playpen' demo below to see how it works. It does look a little different to the main Leeds Map, and it doesn't have all of the Leeds Map's features, but it works in very much the same way - only here you will have full autonomy. You can set the size of the frame and the default location, create and reorder layers, and manage your members/users etc - as well as adding your own data in same way as on the Leeds Map. To play, you will need to log in to add entries to the map and see the admin functions.

Use this standard sig, which is case-specific: Email Admin Password urbalmap (and please allow cookies from


If you like what you see, please email for a Pod so you can create your own map