The Urbal Map

We are sorry to announce that the Urbal Map has died. Sniff.

Bigger boys at Bing changed the API code so that the entries no longer show in the map, and we no longer have the resources to reprogram our version. The key embedded versions at Feed Leeds, Leeds Parks Forum, Leeds Edible Campus and LESSN have been replaced by not-so-good Google maps, and we leave this here as a memorial to many years of happy mapping. The database is still good, so you can access the table and even “Find (roughly) on Map”

This is a ‘read-only’ version, showing a selection of layers

Three steps towards adding data to the map yourself

This is the full version showing all the layers, help, log-in etc

Jump straight in here if you already know how to map

The Urbal Map is all about sharing knowledge around Leeds. You will find bespoke versions on other websites such as

Feed Leeds, Leeds Parks Forum, Leeds Edible Campus, LESSN. KEEP, UBoC and Back to Front, and you can make one for your own website here


Zoom in to your local area to see what we've already mapped, then add information, corrections, questions and suggestions on the Guest Layers. These pins will be verified and then moved up to the Member layers. (You’ll need to become a Member to add to the Member Layers yourself)


Email to tell us about any errors, or send information for us to upload for you

You can also upload on location (from the place where your entry should be) using your mobile phone

NB: If you can’t see the map and/or you’re seeing an error message, the chances are the map is being blocked by your cookie settings - which are often set very high on work PCs.

If so, go: Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet > Options > Privacy, and move the slider to the bottom.