The turnstone (Arenaria interpres) is a small, distinctive wading bird, that overturns substantial stones in search of prey. is a broadcast and corporate production company operating from Leeds, Yorkshire, and Alderney, Channel Islands, which boasts a similar strength and agility. The company was originally a subsidiary of Turnstone Systems Ltd, which supplied business analysis, software development and training services to the corporate sector.


We have comprehensive freelance experience in both the corporate and broadcast fields, collaborating with many of the most successful production companies in the area over more than 25 years. Services include creative / message analysis / treatments / storyboards / pitches, scripts (drama, doc, voice-over etc), client liaison, production, directing, interviewing, sound and camera (when suitable), post production / video editing (Final Cut Pro/Avid), computer graphics, voice overs and presenting. We also provide training / mentoring (in scriptwriting, directing and editing) and music - both composition and production (see Slipjig Music).

When we're working freelance, the client producer calls the shots, and we're delighted to jump (services are usually charged by the day).


We also make programmes directly for our own customers. These have included staff training / motivational programmes, external sales / marketing programmes, promotions, commercials, infomercials, conference video inserts, presentations, point-of-sale, interactive, e-learning, webclips, websites, podcasts / tube and viral, CD-ROM, DVD, sell-through and tx docs. Here we ourseves call in freelance services as required from our regular collaborators (who often hire us for their own productions). This horizontal open-source approach keeps prices lean, and guarantees a fit-for-purpose team for whatever task is at hand. (Case Studies / examples).

We never approach customers for whom we have worked with client production companies. Trust is an essential business commodity.