"I've worked with Tom for more than twenty years - as a trusted partner. He's a gifted writer and a superb wordsmith, with a knack of finding pitch-perfect language for the proposed target audience. As an experienced producer/director himself he has an excellent understanding of both the corporate environment and the production process. This makes him skilled at pinpointing the bespoke needs of each client, before applying some highly creative but appropriate thinking to script practical, cost-effective solutions - which we know we can deliver on time and on budget. Tom is easy to work with and both prompt and efficient. A very safe pair of hands."  John Roebuck, Roebuck Productions

We offer a wide range of freelance services to both in-house creative / communications / marketing or production departments and partner production companies (but make a point of never approaching customers with whom we've worked via client producers).


We have a widespread reputation for innovative thinking, but our creativity is always secondary to message analysis and the application of communications science. We also have a persuasive way with pitches, and have won many hundreds of jobs for client producers.


Tom Bliss is a renowned wordsmith and storyteller, who has taught scriptwriting (and directing) at Leeds Met and elsewhere. He has written academic papers, articles, blogs, songs, books, plays, screenplays and a full-scale musical. (Member: The Writers Guild). Sample scripts


We can take care of as much (or as little) as you need us to - we can even manage the entire project under your direction (and margins) if required.


Interviews, doc, drama, single / multi-camera, studio, ENG, EFP, motion graphics, aerial etc. (Member: The Directors Guild).


We only maintain small HD cameras in-house (these can be ideal for some jobs) but have close long-term relationships with local facilities and crews, and can source cost-matched kit and teams as required. (Tom also has extensive experience as a sound recordist on BBC productions).


Key skill We edit on Mac laptops using Final Cut Pro (which we've used since it was launched - having previously used Avid since that was launched) and Motion. The big advantage of laptops is that the edit can take place at your or the customer's premises, so busy execs can be involved as required. Where more sophisticated post production kit is called for, we can do the donkey work cost-effectively in FCP, then hire in high end facilities as required to finish the job on budget.


We can generate graphics (Photoshop, AFX and Motion) and music (ProTools) in house or source as required, we also have a strong in-house programming section: Katherine Bliss is a software developer with 30 years experience, and Jack Bliss is a gifted web designer/programmer.


Although he dosen't make a big thing of it, Tom does a very good voice-over, and will even present if asked nicely.


Video capture: Small HD cameras with radio mic, gun mic, tie clip mics, miniature lighting and backdrop kit. Suitable for medium-spec video and web work.(Higher spec kit hired in).

Editing / graphics: MacBook Pro laptops running FinalCut Pro, Motion, Photoshop, AfterEffects etc. Edit can take place anywhere, including client and/or customer premises.

Music Producton: Protools using Rhode mics with SE reflexion filter, Proteus, Korg, Roland, EVS, and mac-based synth and sampling modules. Real instruments include fiddle, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, duet concertina, whistle, flute, guitars, bass, piano accordion.

Songwriting: Tom Bliss is a songwriter, story-teller and composer with a national reputation in the trad/folk world, and with 9 albums and a fully-fledged musical to his credit.

Voice Overs: Protools and Rhode mics with SE reflexion filter.