"Tom produced a series of TV programmes for the network regions across the UK for HBOS. The production and logistics were brilliantly managed, and Tom co-ordinated and developed the buy-in required from a diverse set of stakeholders - thanks Tom." James Delargy HBOS

"Turnstone took a raw idea for local, low-cost programmes and turned it into a workable solution. Their enthusiasm and professionalism have been refreshing." Ralph Pitman Head of Internal Comms HBOS

turnstone.tv's key values are

Linguistic, visual and psychological clarity, creative but targeted ideas, technical excellence, flexibility, reliability, and value for money

Projects since 1986 have included: Internal HSE / sales / service training, induction, reward and motivation shows, conferences and events (both assets for and capture of), external sales and marketing shows, promotions, commercials, infomercials, shareholder communications and podcasts, and general documentary, sell-through, e-learning, social media content and more. Delivery systems have included DVD, CDrom, tape (though seldom these days) websites and projector, broadcast, narrowcast, point of sale and visitor attraction screens.

The Production Process

If you commission turnstone.tv these are the steps the production will typically follow (other routes are possible):

Consultancy / proposal / quotation

Some clients know exactly what they want, others appreciate more input from us. Our experience of what will work best for a specific target audience, in a specific cirumstance and setting, will be brought into play. Options might include a dramatic style (with professional and/or colleague actors), documentary style (from broadcast/impartial to motivational/persuasive, with well-known and/or professional and/or colleague presenter/s), use of interviews and/or voice-over, value of humour, high-end visuals and graphics etc. After conducting as much research as is practical (stage one) we produce a detailed proposal, outlining the project’s objectives, discussing the options, and suggesting the most cost-effective and creative solution. Clients often find this invaluable when they need to explain our proposal to others within their organisation. And, for now, all this is free.


The budget and deadline are agreed - and will be met.

Detailed Research and production planning

This is the most important stage of the production. We discuss, research and generally dissect the messages to be communicated with the client, taking on board the detailed constraints concerning season, availability, experience and the confidence/abilities of participants, plus the opportunities suggested by the locations etc. before developing a shooting script and shooting schedule.


The script is the blueprint for the project, and it’s rewritten as often as is required. Only professional presenters, actors and voice-over artists are given lines to say. Interviewees and amateur presenters are just given bullet points. They’ll be coached to deliver natural, convincing soundbites on the day. The script also describes the pictures and the music, so everyone reading it can visualise the whole programme from start to finish.


Bigger budget productions are shot on high-end formats, with a full crew. For smaller budgets, modern DV cameras produce broadcast-standard results - and sometimes this less intimidating approach can make life easier for the people being filmed. In certain circumstances smaller HD cameras also allow for more creative filming. Some productions have a bit of each according to merit. And if it needs a helicopter (and you can afford it) - no problem

Assets: Graphics / Voice / Music etc

Most programmes need more than just video (and sometimes clients have shot some video already). Animations, graphics (sometimes from a client’s own Powerpoint slides), music (specially composed - sometimes in-house - or from our extensive library), archive stills or film, and professional voice-overs are all individually approved by the client before the final edit.

Editing / Animation

Again, according to budget, we either edit on an AVID computer (or something even more powerful if required) at a facility convenient for client visits, or on our own Mac laptops, which can produce much the same result but have the advantage of portability. So we can bring the edit to you for the final stages of the edit and approval (in fact we can do the entire edit at your premises if it helps).

Distribution / Transmission

We handle the printing of the programme onto CD/DVD or web server, foreign language versions, standards conversion for overseas use, disc box liner printing etc. as required. We can even build you a dedicated website or intranet.

We have contributed to, and/or made programmes for, directly and with 30+ client producers (many of whom use/d us exclusively), these customers among others (many times, in many cases).